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[Polypropylene BCF yarn has many benefits, let's see!]
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Polypropylene BCF yarn is also known as polypropylene carpet silk, it is extracted from polypropylene raw materials, through the polymerization of filaments, in recent years because of its strong fiber degree of small characteristics, in the market sales in short supply, but also led to the factory to complete on time according to the quantity of high quality. Because polypropylene filament itself has strong chemical resistance, in addition to strong concentrated nitric acid.

Second, due to the unique core suction effect of polypropylene, the principle is that when the human body sweats, it can quickly transfer the sweat from the skin surface to the fabric, and evaporate, so as to keep the human body dry and comfortable clothing. This performance is also known as single wizard wet. The carpet made of polypropylene BCF yarn has strong wear resistance, anti-static, its feel is better than wool, resilience is good, and it is not easy to pilling.

Nantong Chuangjia New Material Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of polypropylene BCF yarn, polypropylene double twist yarn, polypropylene general strong yarn, polypropylene high strength yarn and engineering fiber series products.

Nantong Chuangjia New Materials Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of polypropylene BCF yarn is mainly used for: carpet polypropylene BCF yarn, decorative fabric polypropylene BCF yarn, curtain fabric polypropylene BCF yarn, sanitary ware special polypropylene BCF yarn.

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