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[How is the performance of polypropylene BCF yarn? Let's find out!]
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Nantong Chuangjia New Material Co., Ltd. specializes in producing polypropylene BCF yarn, polypropylene double twist yarn, polypropylene general strong yarn, polypropylene high strength yarn and engineering fiber series products.

Polypropylene BCF yarn is the yarn placed in steam or hot air or boiling water treatment, at this time, the high shrinkage of the fiber has a large shrinkage, located in the center of the yarn, and the mixed low shrinkage fiber, due to shrinkage, and is squeezed on the surface of the yarn to form a circle, thus getting a fluffy, plump, elastic BCF yarn.

What are the performance indicators of polypropylene BCF yarn?

Polypropylene BCF yarn performance indicators: polypropylene BCF yarn woven grey cloth is generally dyed, raised (one or two sides) after finishing, the fabric requirements feel soft, fluffy, elastic and uniform dyeing. Therefore, the bulk size, raw material specifications, mixing uniformity and so on are its main performance indicators.

Polypropylene BCF yarn features: waterproof, neat surface, upright. Its color is bright, the carpet surface is flat, dry and plump, suitable for the production of woven carpets.

Polypropylene BCF yarn use: rich variety, good swelling effect, uniform network. Mainly used in carpet, car mat, door and window strip, block blanket, cushion, wrapping, fabric, curtain belt, weaving and other weaving can be widely used in a variety of decorative materials. High bulk yarn: general gray, green gray, blue and white, three colors. The woven top is full, the hair looks thick on the eye, and the ordinary top is dedicated to 2P.

Nantong Chuangjia New Materials Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of polypropylene BCF wire is mainly used for: carpet polypropylene BCF wire, decorative fabric polypropylene BCF wire, curtain fabric polypropylene BCF wire, sanitary ware special polypropylene BCF wire.

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