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[Difference fabric hot textile people cultivate internal skills, constantly develop]
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Differential fabric boom

In recent years, as the concept of environmental protection has become more and more popular, the development of green recycled fabrics has been very rapid, especially the textiles sold to European and American countries, many of which have environmental requirements.

Mr. Wu, the person in charge of a company producing recycled down jacket fabric, said: "Our main orders are 380T, 400T of recycled nylon fabrics, exported to Vietnam, and then processed into clothing from Vietnam after export to Europe, the European market for environmental protection requirements are getting higher and higher in the past two years, especially some big brands, requirements must use recycled fabrics, this market is expanding very fast."

The heat of recycled fabrics has lasted for several years, and it is not surprising that the heat continues this year, and when it comes to the "flow king" of the fabric market this year, it must be the national wind jacquard. Although the sales of national-style fabrics have been increasing in the past few years, the real outbreak will be after the Spring Festival this year, and the Hanfu represented by the horse-face skirt has gradually become a common dress for people to go shopping and play, which has also led to the popularity of national-style jacquard fabrics.

Li, the business manager of a jet weaving enterprise, said: "We were doing Guofeng jacquard products a few years ago, although the sale is also good, but the business is as good as this year after the Spring Festival is the first time, customer orders continue, we more than 200 sets of jet loom simply too late to do, because the market is too hot, Guofeng jacquard fabric from the beginning of the year to now has increased 10-15%, but still in short supply."

Cultivate internal skills and keep developing them

The hot market has not come easily, and textile people are busy shipping at the same time, but also pay close attention to the cultivation of internal skills.

Mr. Wu, who produces recycled down jacket fabrics, said: "Now the market of recycled fabrics is more and more broad, in order to enhance competitiveness, we not only continue to make efforts in process research and development and product development, and strive to open up the market, actively participate in exhibitions, and constantly look for new customers."

Manager Li, the business manager of jet weaving factory, said: "This year we stood in the tuyere and got very good results. But see the national wind after the hot jacquard, there will be many peers into this industry, the future competition will be intensified, so we will choose to continue to deepen in this market, increase the development of fabric investment, so that people have no I have, people have my excellent."

It is because of the continuous development of textile enterprises, in order to maintain their competitiveness in the market for a long time, the entire textile industry can prosper, consumers can also spend the right price to buy more and more excellent products.

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