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[How is the resilience of polypropylene BCF yarn?]
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Polypropylene BCF yarn will show good resilience at high drafting temperature. Polypropylene is a synthetic fiber with excellent physical properties and chemical stability. BCF refers to a continuous bundle of fibers composed of multiple monofilaments that can be made into yarn by processes such as spinning. In the production process, the polypropylene BCF yarn will go through stretching, drafting and other steps to change its physical properties, in which the drafting temperature has a great impact on the resilience of the yarn. When the drafting temperature increases, the molecular chain of the polypropylene BCF yarn will be heated, making the monofilaments in the fiber bundle smaller, thus improving the density and elasticity of the yarn. Therefore, under the appropriate drafting temperature, the polypropylene BCF yarncan obtain good resilience, that is, the ability to recover after being stressed. Polypropylene BCF yarn can obtain excellent resilience through the control of the drafting temperature.

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