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[The market turnover is weak and the confidence of enterprises in the future market is insufficient]
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Entering March, the "Jinsan silver four" did not appear the expected explosive demand, market transactions were weak, and enterprises lacked confidence in the future market. In order to track the operation of cotton textile enterprises in a timely manner and understand the changes in the cotton textile market, recently, the China Cotton Textile Industry Association conducted a large survey of the major cotton textile related markets in the country for the 78th time, and the following is the situation reflected by the local markets, cotton textile and related enterprises:

Raw material market

Cotton: there is no significant improvement in domestic demand, the downstream cotton yarn market is flat, textile enterprises are cautious, mainly on-demand procurement, cotton spot transactions are general, Zheng cotton main price recently fluctuated around 16,000 yuan/ton. At present, the signs of recovery of orders in the peak season are weak, downstream enterprises are pessimistic about the market, and cotton prices are expected to continue to shake the market. Polyester staple fiber: futures shock consolidation, spot prices are basically stable, there are more concessions, the mainstream price is 7200-7500 yuan/ton. The downstream yarn factory maintains just need to purchase, the purchase and sale of pure polyester yarn and polyester cotton yarn are flat, the sale of preferential negotiations, and the inventory of finished products has increased slightly. The market is in an adjustment period, focusing on downstream orders.

Viscose staple fiber: The recent price fluctuation of viscose staple fiber, the current price is basically about 13,500 yuan/ton, a single deal. The downstream viscose yarn purchase and sale is light, the yarn price is stable and weak, and the enthusiasm of the yarn factory to purchase raw materials is not high. Market demand has not seen a significant improvement, mainly to small orders and just need to go, yarn factory product inventory in about 20 days, short-term market pressure rise.

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