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[The production and marketing of polyester filament are affected by many factors]
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On the tenth day of the first month, 90% of textile enterprises have resumed work and production, and most enterprises have ushered in "opening" orders. The weaving market is busy, but the polyester chemical fiber market is unusually cold, in sharp contrast.

During the Spring Festival holiday, international oil prices rose more and fell less, supported by the cost end, the market focus of polyester filament after the festival rose synchronously. Then the downstream weaving market resumed work and production, and received the first order after the year. I thought that with the resumption of production of enterprises and the boost of international crude oil, the polyester filament market will also usher in a "good start". But it backfired, and the results were shocking. According to the data monitoring of the silk city network, since February 19, the average production and sales of polyester filament are only 25%, and the daily production and sales are only hovering at 2-3 percent.

Next, we will analyze the specific reasons for the cold production and sales of polyester filament. As an important textile raw material, the production and marketing of polyester filament are affected by many factors.

Weaving enterprises have prepared raw materials before the festival

First of all, the fluctuation of market demand is a factor that cannot be ignored. Polyester filament is an important raw material in the textile industry, and its market demand is certainly the most important factor affecting production and sales. But in fact, the current demand for weaving enterprises is not much. Although we have just resumed work, we have received new orders or are working on orders, but the raw material cloth required for the production of these orders has been purchased by the boss a long time ago.

According to the survey of the silk city network, more than 60% of the textile enterprises said that they have stored a part of the raw materials before the festival, and there is no need to continue to buy polyester in the short term. According to the data, most weaving enterprises have the habit of hoarding raw materials before the Spring Festival holiday. On the one hand, according to the experience of the cloth boss for many years, the price of polyester will inevitably rise after the Spring Festival, so it is worth hoarding a wave of raw materials before the year; On the other hand, after the Spring Festival, sales, logistics and other links also need to be gradually restored, in order to prevent some urgent orders can not be the first time to get raw material production, so it will also be prepared in advance.

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