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[Where is the advantage of Trangjia polypropylene BCF yarn?]
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Where is the advantage of Trangjia polypropylene BCF yarn?

Polypropylene BCF yarn features: it has the high strength of continuous long fiber and the fluffiness of short fiber, and has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, friction resistance and corrosion resistance.

Although we must hear less polypropylene, but its use is very extensive. It can be used in almost any way that requires the use of silk. It's a good material for making fishing nets, for example. For example, if you want to make cables, it is also very good. And its life can also be very long, so it is very welcome by people.

Polypropylene BCF yarn is extracted from polypropylene raw materials, not resistant to high temperature, especially after the sun, it will be its own use of space is greatly reduced, if after long-term exposure to the sun, that will cause subtle chemical reactions, even if the life of polypropylene will be reduced, can not achieve the effect of delaying the life of yarn required by people. Therefore, Linjia ensures that all yarns produced by the company are refined from polypropylene raw materials, carpet yarns formed by polypropylene fiber treatment, its fineness is comparable to the silk formed by cotton and hemp, but at the same time, it has the characteristics that cotton and hemp silk do not have.

Polypropylene BCF yarn use: rich variety, good swelling effect, uniform network. Mainly used in carpet, car mat, door and window strip, block blanket, cushion, wrapping, fabric, curtain belt, weaving and other weaving can be widely used in a variety of decorative materials. High bulk yarn: general gray, green gray, blue and white, three colors. The woven top is full, the hair looks thick on the eye, and the ordinary top is dedicated to 2P.

Nantong Chuangjia New Materials Co., Ltd. is located in the Yangtze River Delta economically developed area - Nantong City, Jiangsu Province. The area is convenient, close to the metropolis of Shanghai, the surrounding highway is convenient, fast! Nantong Chuangjia New Materials Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production of various kinds of polypropylene BCF yarn, polypropylene double twist yarn, polypropylene high strength yarn, polypropylene general strong yarn, engineering fiber, which can be produced according to the sample provided by customers with quality and quantity to meet the needs of customers. In recent years, the company has served customers on product diversification and color chromatography, and won a good reputation and good reputation for many customers in the door and window top industry, carpet industry, ribbon industry, engineering industry, etc.

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