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[Peak season grey cloth profit moving market home textile sales heating up]
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Peak season grey cloth profit touching

It is reported that recently domestic sales orders are better, the price of grey cloth is rising with raw materials, the cash flow differentiation between products, and the efficiency of the varieties that go to the library faster has been improved. The start of terminal weaving was further improved, and the comprehensive start of Jiangsu and Zhejiang bombs was 84%; Jiangsu and Zhejiang loom integrated operation in 80%.

After entering September, the grey fabric inventory showed a downward trend. A type of enterprise is still insufficient fabric orders, and there is no change after entering September, which is no different from August. The other type of enterprise is that the order has been arranged to October and early November, and the number of orders has increased significantly compared with the beginning of August.

However, the recent continuous depreciation of the RMB exchange rate is really good for textile enterprises that can directly connect with foreign trade customers. But more textile enterprises are actually connected with downstream garment factories or intermediate traders, in the current textile market volume is becoming more and more serious situation, the price of grey cloth is difficult to rise.

Let alone the exchange rate, the price of polyester rose this week, the cost of raw materials rose, but the price of cloth is still difficult to rise. In general Zhang's words: "Trading companies do not pressure the price is good, price increases are not to think about." If you raise the price, the order will soon be given to someone else."

Market home textile moving pin heating up

September, October has been the sales season of the textile industry, known as the industry "gold nine silver ten", with the approach of autumn and winter, China textile City Dongsheng Road market D area home textile franchise area home textile fabrics, bedding sales are heating up, ushering in the sales season.

"This is our new product of autumn and winter home textile - comfortable velvet fabric, through the ceramic velvet process to make the cotton fabric more soft and delicate, while using simple grid, stripe elements, simple atmosphere." In the "Golden Phoenix Home textile" exhibition hall, sales manager Zhou Liangjun is introducing bedding for young customers, he said that today's home decoration style tends to be simple, modern wind, Nordic wind, minimalist wind and so on are sought after by young people, autumn and winter comfortable velvet, Camille, comfortable cotton and other light luxury bed products are favored by young customers.

"Golden Phoenix Home textile" operating high-end home textile fabrics for more than 10 years, the company's relevant responsible person Liu Ya introduced, in the autumn and winter home textile new product conference held not long ago, the company exhibited new bedding attracted more than 100 agents, dealers all over the country to buy and order. "We prepared as early as July, Derong series of autumn and winter bed products four sets sold very well, is still constantly replenishable, 'gold nine silver ten' peak season can be expected." "Liu Ya said.

"Gold nine silver ten" is the traditional wedding season, the festive bed fabric also welcomed a wave of upsurge, "Alijia home textile" operating home textile fabric and bed for 15 years, with the arrival of the wedding season, the company developed a series of red silk cut embroidery series of home textile fabrics for young people, using delicate touch of Lanjing silk, while increasing the cutting embroidery process. The surface of the product is smooth and soft, but the three-dimensional sense is strong, simple and not simple.

"As the post-00s generation begins to enter the marriage palace, bed style is also quietly changing. This fabric is light luxury fashion, and it is the explosive product that young people buy today." In addition to red, other high-end fabrics have also become the wedding market, digital printing, tencel cotton blend and other high-end home textile fabrics since the autumn and winter new product ordering meeting, sales are rising day by day, is currently very competitive in the market.

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