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[More enterprises on the transformation road to "new" to "green"]
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With the improvement of global environmental awareness, green development has become an important trend of global economic and social development. In the textile industry, the positive incentive effect of vigorously promoting green development, circular development and low-carbon development has become increasingly prominent, and more and more enterprises are moving toward "new" and "green" on the transformation road.

"Accelerating the modernization of harmonious coexistence between man and nature has become a new historical mission of the textile industry." Duan Xiaoping, vice president of China Textile Industry Federation (hereinafter referred to as "China Textile Federation"), spoke at the recently held Xinxiang "Egret" green sustainable development Forum.

The recycling goal of waste spinning is clear

The "14th Five-Year Development Outline of the textile Industry" clearly defines the new positioning of the textile industry, that is, the pillar industry of national economic and social development, the basic industry to solve the people's livelihood and beautify life, and the advantageous industry of international cooperation and integrated development. In 2022, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the National Development and Reform Commission jointly issued the Guiding Opinions on the High-quality Development of the Chemical Fiber Industry, clearly promoting the high-end, intelligent and green transformation of the chemical fiber industry to achieve high-quality development. On August 27 this year, the China Textile Federation officially issued the Action Outline for Building a Modern Textile Industrial System (2022-2035), proposing to comprehensively build a green manufacturing system in the textile industry.

Duan Xiaoping stressed that promoting the green development of the textile industry needs to be systematically promoted and for a long time, and high-end industrial structure, sustainable source of raw materials, clean production process, recycling of resources, synergy of industrial chain and value chain, and low carbonization of energy structure are important paths to promote the green development of the industry, which need to be systematically promoted.

Longitudinal Ruilong, deputy director of the Department of Consumer Goods Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, pointed out that the recycling of waste textiles is of great significance for resource conservation, pollution reduction and carbon reduction, and is also an important measure to effectively supplement the supply of raw materials for China's textile industry and alleviate resource and environmental constraints.

In March 2022, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the "Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the Recycling of Waste Textiles", proposing that by 2025, the recycling system of waste textiles will be initially established, the recycling capacity will be greatly improved, and the recycling rate of waste textiles will reach 25%. The output of recycled fibers from waste textiles reached 2 million tons. By 2030, a more complete recycling system of waste textiles will be built, the awareness of recycling among producers and consumers will be significantly improved, the ways of high-value utilization will continue to expand, the level of industrial development will be significantly improved, the recycling rate of waste textiles will reach 30%, and the output of recycled fibers of waste textiles will reach 3 million tons.

Hua Shan, director of the Industry Department of China Textile Federation, believes that the understanding of the resource recycling system must first have the supply and innovation of green fibers, and form a recyclable closed loop. The starting point is to start from the design, and at the same time to guide consumers, from the consumer level to build the concept of green consumption. In addition, it is necessary to form a reuse system, involving standards, information systems, and key technologies, and all links should be more perfect in the context of the digital economy and with the blessing of "Internet +".

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