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[The 7th China Safety Protection Textile and Garment Industry Innovation and Development Forum was recently held in Xi 'an]
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As one of the contents of 2023 Textile and Garment Supply Promotion and Upgrading activity, the 7th China Safety Protection Textile and Garment Industry Innovation and Development Forum was held recently in Xi 'an. The conference was directed by China National Textile Industry Council, sponsored by China Industrial Textile Industry Association and the People's Government of Baqiao District, Xi 'an, and hosted by Shaanxi Yuanfeng Textile Technology Research Co., LTD., Yantai Taihe New Materials Co., LTD. The theme of the forum is "Technology empowerment, digital efficiency, Green development". The participants discussed the high-quality development of the industry from the perspectives of new materials, standard testing, product innovation, equipment upgrading, application scenarios, development trends and so on. The conference released the catalogue of emergency and security textile industry chain products and shared the experience of enterprises in product innovation.

Emergency and security textiles play an important role in protecting people's life and health, meeting the major national needs, improving the quality of economic development and improving the ability of frontier science and technology innovation. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the National Development and Reform Commission jointly issued the Guidelines on the High-quality Development of Industrial Textile Industry in 2022, which listed emergency and security textiles as one of the eight key development areas of industrial textiles during the 14th Five-Year Plan period.

Cao Xuejun, a first-level inspector of the consumer goods industry department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that China's textiles for emergency and safety protection have a good foundation for development and have made great progress in varieties, industrial chains and industrial scale. Cao Xuejun put forward three suggestions for the development of safety textiles. First, the innovation of key materials should be promoted to achieve a high level of industry chain self-reliance; Second, cross-industry exchanges and cooperation should be strengthened to expand the application market of protective textiles and clothing. Third, we should cultivate leading enterprises in the industry and build an industrial ecology featuring fair competition and win-win cooperation.

Safety protection industry is an industry vigorously supported and developed by the state, involving public security, civil-military integration, emergency industry and many other fields. It is an important industry to protect the life and health of personnel in special industries, and it has gradually become an emerging industry vigorously supported by the state. Xu Weilin, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and president of Wuhan Textile University, said in a video address that the high-quality development of the industry needs to be driven by innovation. The innovation of safety textile is mainly reflected in the progress and upgrading of fiber materials, spinning technology, fabric production process, dyeing technology and clothing technology, and the high-quality development of textile is promoted through multidisciplinary and high-tech integration. At the same time, he pointed out that in the future, the rigid demand of military and national defense security system will still be the main application field of safety textiles, and the occupational safety protection field will also show huge growth potential. In the future, the industry will further develop in the direction of product serialization, green color, lightweight, comfort and intelligence.

Li Lingshen, Vice President of China National Textile Industry Council, put forward five suggestions on the safety protection of textile industry development: First, enhance the ability of scientific and technological innovation and strengthen breakthroughs in key technologies. Second, improve the quality of industrial products and optimize the supply structure system. Third, accelerate digital and intelligent transformation, enabling new business forms of the whole industrial chain. Fourth, promote sustainable development of the industry through green manufacturing. Fifth, give full play to the SunAC advantages of the Safety textile Innovation Alliance.

Li Guimei, president of China Industrial Textile Industry Association, shared the operation situation of China's industrial textile industry, development status and development suggestions of China's safety protective textile industry. Li Guimei said that the future development trend of Chinese security textiles will be toward serialization, green, lightweight, comfortable and intelligent development. By 2025, our safety protection textile material design, manufacturing and application, mainstream individual protective textile product performance and quality, industrial chain modernization will reach the international advanced level. The technical level of arc prevention, biochemical protection, high-performance medical protection and other fields has been significantly improved, and the company has fully realized the strengthening of weak points, weak points, solid foundation and advantages, forming a comprehensive support for occupational protection, emergency rescue, public health and medical health needs. By 2030, an important breakthrough will be made in high performance, compound, functional, intelligent and fashionable individual protective textiles in our country. The equipment, use standard, testing and certification means of medical protective equipment in key industries are improving constantly.

Baqiao is the main urban area of Xi 'an and the strategic core area of Xi 'an's "East Expansion". It has a history of 70 years of textile industry development. During the First Five-Year Plan period, Baqiao was built here as the largest cotton textile industry base in Northwest China. Su Xiaomei, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee and governor of Baqiao District, expressed the hope that the upstream and downstream of the textile and garment industry chain for safety protection could strengthen cooperation and deepen exchanges, so as to promote the industry to move forward to the high-end, intelligent and green direction.

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