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[Learn about the use of polypropylene BCF yarn products!]
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Use of polypropylene BCF yarn:

Can be used in textile, decorative cloth, automobile blanket, carpet industry and other fields.

Polypropylene BCF yarn features:

Polypropylene BCF yarn  and twisted shaping yarn are not only used in carpet weaving, but also widely used in various decorative fabrics. Its advantages are bright color, not easy to fade, antistatic effect is good. Polypropylene BCF yarn  through matting and twisting shape can obtain the effect of imitation wool, suitable for the production of woven carpet, the carpet surface resembles wool carpet, dry plump, good resilience. Nylon BCF silk has the advantages of deep penetration of color into fiber tissue, excellent color fastness to light and ozone, and good anti-fouling effect. Its woven carpet, high grade, good softness, feel comfortable, permanent anti-static, do not fade, flame retardant, easy to clean.

Technical performance parameters of polypropylene BCF yarn :

Fiber number: 800-30000 Coefficient of variation of elongation at break % : 8

Linear density deviation rate % : < 1 Number of networks/m: adjustable

Linear density variation coefficient % : < 1 hot crimping elongation % : 25

Strength: > 1.8 Boiling water shrinkage % : 3.2

Coefficient of Variation of strength % : 3 Ultra-fine soft carpet fiber (monofilament up to 3D)

Elongation at break % : 60-90 super coarse soft carpet fibers (monofilament up to 45D)

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