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[The textile and garment industry has great potential to develop "specialized and innovative"]
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"At present, the specialization, the new company has more than 70000, specialization, nearly 9000 new" little giant "enterprises, only more than 100 textile and garment industry, also need to improve the level of specialization, the new development." Recently held in the "textile Light · Specialized, specialized and new" digital intelligent technology promotion activity, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Department of consumer goods industry inspector Cao Xuejun pointed out that for the textile and clothing industry, specialized, specialized and innovative still have a lot of articles, a lot of world.

In Cao Xuejun's view, "specialized, special and new" is the only way to high-quality development of textile and garment enterprises. "Focus on casting expertise, supporting strong enterprises, innovation to win the market", this is a concise summary of the special fine new.

"In today's textile industry, the path of processing and producing high-road products by taking orders is becoming narrower and narrower. Only by mastering unique technologies, products and services can enterprises have a better space for survival and development." Cao Xuejun said specialized and innovative development is particularly important for the textile and garment industry.

Specialized and special new leading industry development

According to the secretary general of China National Textile and Apparel Council, up to now, 270 small and medium-sized textile and apparel enterprises have been awarded the title of "textile industry 'specialized and new' small and medium-sized enterprises" by China National Textile and Apparel Council. These enterprises focus on in-depth subdivision, do fine and excellent, with obvious characteristics, outstanding advantages, innovation ability and profitability are relatively strong. Has become a leader in the field of segmentation.

"The number of small and medium-sized enterprises has an absolute dominant position in the textile and garment industry and industrial clusters. The number of enterprise units, assets, business income and employees is 80%, which is obviously higher than the overall level of the manufacturing industry. It is important to expand employment, ensure people's livelihood, promote entrepreneurship and innovation, and build a modern textile industry system. It is very important to enhance the stability and security of the industrial chain and supply chain." "Daylight Min said.

According to daylight saving Min, in recent years, these specialized and special new textile and garment enterprises in talent, design and research and development, information construction and other core competitiveness has been a sustained high intensity investment. Among them, the investment intensity of design research and development is maintained at 3%-4%, and that of information technology is maintained at 0.5%-0.8%. The proportion of design and R&D personnel and the intensity of design and R&D investment are much higher than the average level of manufacturing and industry.

"Intellectual property is the lifeblood of a specialist start-up. Among the 270 specialized and special enterprises in the textile industry, 34% owned patents for invention, 57% owned patents for utility models and 9% owned patents for appearance. Enterprises with patents have 42 patents per household and those with invention patents have 16 patents per household." Daylight saving Min introduced.

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