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[Textile enterprises speed up riveting full energy to catch up with orders]
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A year of spring for the first, endeavour at the right time. In recent days, the textile enterprises in Shaya County have opened the production running mode, riveting full drive to catch orders, racing against the clock to grasp the construction and expansion of production capacity, with a "good start" to lead the realization of "red year".

On March 9, we walked into Aksu Jiahui Textile Co., LTD., located in circular economy industrial Park of Shaya County. The machine rumbled in the No. 1 weaving workshop, hundreds of spinning machines ran at high speed, workers shuttled back and forth between the equipment, and batches of grey cloth were continuously output from the production line, which was a production scene in full swing.

Xiao Yulan, director of the production workshop of Aksu Jiahui Textile Co., LTD., said, "Our factory has 324 looms and produces 80,000 meters of grey cloth per day. Since January this year, orders have been surging and have been scheduled to June. In the first two months of this year, 3.9 million meters of grey cloth were sold, reaching more than 40 million yuan."

Aksu Jiahui Textile Co., Ltd. is a key investment project in Shaya County in 2021, mainly producing, processing and selling cotton natural fabric, bedding, textiles and other products. This year, relying on the advantages of high-quality commodity cotton production base and strong spinning county, the enterprise has in-depth cooperation with first-line home textile brands such as Mercury, Violet and Fuanna, showing a good momentum of both production and marketing. At present, enterprises seize the favorable opportunity to start the construction of the second phase of the project, after full production, can achieve a daily output of 150,000 meters of grey cloth.

Xiao Yulan, director of production workshop of Aksu Jiahui Textile Co., LTD., said: "Next step, we will actively promote the construction of the second phase project, the plan is to install 312 loom, can provide 200 jobs, the second phase project is expected to be put into use in June, the end of our enterprise is expected to achieve 500 million yuan of output value."

The adjacent Shaya Shouxin Cotton Textile Co., Ltd. is a textile enterprise specializing in the production of cotton spinning products. Into the production workshop, rows of spinning machines roar, tens of thousands of spindle high-speed rotation, workers skilled operation of the equipment, cotton, and strip, yarn, a busy scene in full swing.

Liu Zhibiao, general manager of Shayashouxin Cotton Textile Co., LTD., said: "Our enterprise mainly produces cotton yarn, with a monthly capacity of 600 tons. At present, orders have been arranged to May, and the sales volume of the first two months is more than 20 million yuan, an increase of 8% compared to the same period last year."

The cotton yarn produced by Shayashouxin Cotton Textile Co., Ltd. is highly trusted by customers in Jiangsu and Zhejiang Province for its strong moisture absorption and good warmth preservation. In 2023, with the continuous growth of domestic sales and export orders of the textile industry, the demand for cotton yarn industry is strong, the company's orders exceeded expectations, decisively expanded the scale of production, invested more than 80 million yuan in the construction of the second phase of ring ingot cotton spinning project, to enhance the competitiveness of enterprise development.

Liu Zhibiao, general manager of Shayashouxin Cotton Textile Co., LTD., said, "Currently, we are installing machines for the second phase of the project, which will double the existing base to 100,000 ingot after production starts in September, and is expected to provide 100 jobs with an output value of 220 million yuan."

It is understood that Shaya County is the national quality cotton production base county, cotton planting area is stable all year round more than 1.9 million mu. Since this year, relying on the advantages of cotton resources, Shaya County has introduced a number of key projects to improve the industrial chain and supply chain weaknesses of chemical fiber, printing and dyeing, clothing, home textiles, knitting and design, and promote the cluster of cotton and textile and clothing industries. Up to now, there are more than 150 textile and garment enterprises (cooperatives) in Shaya County, with a spinning scale of 1.64 million ingot, which has become one of the strategic pillar industries to promote the high-quality development of the county's economy and society.

Liu Yuxing, deputy director of Investment Service Bureau of Shaya County Circular Economy Industrial Park Management Committee, said: "Going forward, with the goal of strengthening the industrial base and improving efficiency, we will focus on eight key industries and vigorously implement actions to optimize and improve the business environment. In accordance with the principle of 'one chain, one policy, one enterprise, one policy', we will provide proactive services, take the initiative to connect, take multiple measures to help enterprises solve practical difficulties in production and operation, and go all out to achieve a 'good start' in the first quarter."

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