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[How many processes should the grey fabric of polypropylene BCF yarn go through?]
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Polypropylene BCF yarn is first spun into yarn by two different shrinkage fibers, and then the yarn is placed in steam or hot air or boiling water. At this time, the high shrinkage fiber has a large shrinkage, located in the center of the yarn, and the mixed low shrinkage fiber, due to the shrinkage, is squeezed on the surface of the yarn to form a circle. Thus get fluffy, plump, elastic expanded yarn.

The grey fabric made of polypropylene BCF yarn is generally finished after dyeing, raising (one or two sides), etc. The fabric is soft, fluffy, elastic and evenly dyed. Therefore, the bulk size, raw material specifications, mixing uniformity and so on are the main performance indexes of polypropylene BCF yarn.

Bulge is the expansion degree of the original yarn after wet and hot treatment, which is the main factor to determine the shagginess, softness and elasticity of the cloth. Generally, the bulge of yarn is required to be more than 22%. In the actual production, the shrinkage rate of yarn is generally used as the measured index to test the bulk size, which is generally between 18% and 19.5%. The following problems should be noted in the measurement of shrinkage:

(1) 20g tension should be added before measuring the length of the original yarn; (2) Steam the measured raw materials in steam for 5 minutes; (3) After the shrinkage of the expanded yarn, 20g tension should be added before measuring the length.

Too large expansion will result in tight fabric, poor fluffy softness and inelasticity. Too small expansion will lead to slack fabric, plush feeling is poor.

The mixing uniformity of raw materials is an important factor affecting the dyeing effect. The uneven mixing will lead to the uneven dyeing of cloth, and also affect the swelling property.

The process of polypropylene BCF yarn is a little complicated, and the production cost is higher than that of other finished silk. We hope that the production technology can be greatly improved in the near future, opening the way for polypropylene BCF yarn.

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