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[Preserve its textile professional advantages and work together to help build a textile powerhouse]
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The "Light of Textiles" award has always been a high-profile award in Xi'an Polytechnic University, under the incentive of the award, the teachers and students of the school actively work hard to improve the level of textile professional education and teaching, and the school was approved as a doctoral authorization point in textile science and engineering in 2021, realizing the dream of generations. Since the establishment of the award, the school has won a total of 39 teachers and 401 students.

Today's world is experiencing unprecedented changes in a century, China's textile industry is facing complex changes in the domestic and foreign environment, the school focuses on the development needs of the textile industry, adheres to the industry-based school, adheres to the discipline professional development ideas of "strengthening textile" and "bright design", maintains the professional advantages of textile disciplines, and realizes the seamless docking of the upper, middle and downstream industrial chains and advantageous discipline chains of the textile industry. In order to better serve the industry industry, we pay more attention to diversified and diversified talent training models in textile professional teaching, actively build a "textile +" model training system, closely combine with intelligent technology, new materials and other fields, and constantly improve the talent training system; Pay attention to the original innovation of science and technology and independent innovation, promote the integration of industry and education, science and education integration and collaborative education mechanism, actively build a joint training base with leading textile enterprises, give full play to the demonstration role of innovation research institutes and school-enterprise joint training workstations, and strive to cultivate more application-oriented talents, compound talents and top-notch innovative talents for the textile industry.

As an awardee unit, Wang Haiyan hopes that the Future Textile Light Education Foundation can receive full support from all walks of life, continue to grow, explore ideas in talent training, scientific research, etc., explore more effective talent incentive mechanisms and incentive measures, and help the progress of the textile industry and talent training. In the future, the school will take the "light of textile" as the driving force, fully implement the fundamental task of cultivating virtue and cultivating people, and cultivate more application-oriented talents, compound talents and top-notch innovative talents for the country.

Build a new textile culture model

Talking about the impact of the development of the textile industry on the education of textile colleges, Wang Haiyan said that in recent years, China's textile industry has achieved a leap from quantitative accumulation to quality, forming the world's largest, most complete supporting and continuous transformation and upgrading of China's textile industry chain, production efficiency has been significantly improved, technical strength has gradually increased, quality brands have been continuously expanded, and international influence has continued to increase. The strength of the textile industry has achieved a leap from quantitative accumulation to quality, from the breakthrough of points to the improvement of system capabilities, textile technology innovation has entered a new stage of "following, running, leading" coexistence, and China's textile industry has been at the world's leading level.

At present, the biggest change in China's education field is the major strategic deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council for the "Overall Plan for Promoting the Construction of World-class Universities and First-class Disciplines", which has carried out top-level design planning for China's construction of world-class universities and disciplines, and the "double first-class" construction has changed from "overall promotion" to "in-depth promotion", an obvious feature is that it does not distinguish between first-class university construction universities and first-class discipline construction universities, and guides colleges and universities to focus their energy and focus on innovation and substantive breakthroughs in key fields and characteristic directions. Better serve the urgent needs of the national strategy and better provide strong support for the comprehensive construction of a modern socialist power.

Based on this, Wang Haiyan introduced the three key directions of education and teaching reform.

First, education is people-oriented, and moral education is the first. Implement the fundamental task of cultivating virtue and cultivating people, solidly promote the introduction of the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics into teaching materials and into the minds of students, run ideological and political theory courses in colleges and universities, continuously enhance students' self-confidence in the road, theory, system and culture, and integrate the cultivation and practice of socialist core values into the whole process of teaching and educating people.

The second is to deepen reform and coordinate education of people. Deepen the reform of innovation and entrepreneurship education and teaching, innovate the talent training mechanism, and promote the integration of industry and education, and the integration of science and education to educate people. Promote the integration of universities and scientific research institutions, industry enterprises and institutions in the whole process of collaborative education, timely transform scientific research achievements, advanced technologies, and enterprise training courses into teaching content, and strengthen the cultivation of talents in short supply and interdisciplinary talents in the industry industry.

The third is to enhance capacity and promote development. Pay attention to the improvement of teachers' ability, carry out teacher ability improvement plans, do a good job in teacher ethics and teaching style training, pre-service training, and professional ability training, and build a hierarchical and classified multi-dimensional teacher training and development system; Encourage teachers to devote themselves to teaching and research, carry out innovation in curriculum systems, teaching methods and teaching strategies, improve teaching and research capabilities, support teachers to train in industry enterprises, and promote teachers to effectively improve their technological innovation and practical ability.

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