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[A panoramic display of silk culture]
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As the official flagship store of Suzhou Taixuexue officially entered Douyin platform and released its first short video work, Taixuexue has launched many original content related to silk, from the daily selection of silk quilt to the historical origin of Zhenze silk culture. It is a breakthrough from nothing to the all-media matrix of offline direct stores. Taihu Snow once again brought this traditional craft to the front of the vast number of netizens through the live streaming of Douyin e-commerce.

"In fact, I had little contact with short video platforms before, and always thought that online shopping and livestreaming are more for young people." Hu Yufang began to feel the charm of Douyin e-commerce in the face of the excellent sales performance and good streaming volume achieved in the flagship store of Douyin e-commerce for half a year. Especially during the epidemic period, emerging consumption modes such as e-commerce and live streaming of goods rose strongly, which helped the continuous recovery of silk economy. Now, Taihu Snow has set up a professional team of live broadcast, adhere to the routine daily live broadcast, the team members are mostly made up of the post-90s and post-00s, from them, Hu Yufang saw the traditional industry continues to glow with vigorous young power. After nearly one year of operation in Douyin e-commerce, Taihuxue flagship store has sold more than 70,000 products.

On the one hand, Taihu Snow closely follows the trend of e-commerce market. Meanwhile, Hu Yufang's operation idea does not stop at "selling quilts", but shows silk culture in an all-round way by means of scene-oriented and interactive communication. From how to distinguish the real silk from the fake, how to select the silk seed and mother quilt, to tracing the original factory of the silk quilt and entering the ancient water town of Zhouzhuang vlog, we will integrate the creativity into the original works of Douyin with various themes, so that the cultural memory of growing mulberry and raising silkworms will continue.

"As persistent as a silkworm, it will shine like silk."

Hu Yufang recalled that in the silkworm house, the meticulous observation of the silkworm baby tireless extraction cocoon. Silkworm body "life only for one thing" quality, deeply infected with Hu Yufang. "As persistent as a silkworm, it will shine like silk." That's how Ms. Hu describes her career. This kind of "spring silkworm spirit" for the cause of life, dedication of life, has also become the inspiration of Hu Yufang on the road to pioneering and innovative ideas.

Hu Yufang pays attention to cocoon quality

From scratch, the e-commerce sales and service platform has witnessed Hu Yufang's continuous development of Zhenze silk technology along the way. The interactive way of short video and live broadcast is more helpful for her to deeply explore the core value of silk culture. With the development of silk technology, silk quilt has gradually entered the homes of ordinary people. "Our market platform is for the whole country's customer base. In the future, we will expand the age level of consumers according to the variety and production technology of silk, and carry out a more segmented market layout." Faced with the inevitable topic of inheritance, Hu Yufang plans to make full use of platforms such as Douyin e-commerce to let the audience know the products of Taihu Snow in a more intuitive and subdivided way. "Imagine a short video of a baby silkworm lying on a mulberry leaf spinning silk. Isn't that cute? Will there be more young audiences like silkworm babies?" Hu Yufang said with a smile.

Consumers' pursuit of quality of life is constantly improving. Green, natural and healthy commodities are increasingly favored by the market. In the future layout of Douyin e-commerce, Taihu Snow will continue to adhere to high-quality craftsmanship, develop more innovative products that young people like, expand more channels of delivery, cultivate excellent operation team, and let everyone fall in love with Chinese silk quilt. Hu Yufang said: "Spring silkworms until the end of silk, silk is the people's cultural feelings, highlight the cultural confidence of the industry. What we do is a single silk business, but at the same time out of the thinking of a single silk, in the future, we will combine the modern sericulture technology, let the silk silk more into the people's life, let the silk treasures continue to go abroad, for the development of traditional craft to contribute to the silk people's modest efforts."

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